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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Best online fitness tools for weight loss and healthy living

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Online fitness tools offer an inexpensive way to health improvement

Excessive computer use can lead to weight gain and poor health in general. But there are tools that you can get on your computer or mobile device that will help you get in shape and improve your health access, without the cost of a gym.

Online fitness tools offer an inexpensive way to health improvement

Even before the explosion were only used by some people, online tools for recording exercise and better nutrition. Since 2005, when the Department of Agriculture (USDA) food pyramid provided his state consumer site launched MY PLATE, a way to control the power of diet activity.

Today Super Tracker provides a free tool for personalized nutrition and exercise. With the tools that consumers can also track to see their food and physical activity how they compare to the recommendations. The tool also provides advice and support to customers healthier choices.

Super Tracker

Super tracker for healthy eating, healthy meal plans and healthy recipes

Super Tracker inside, there are also tools for managing your weight, find the nutritional values ​​of different 8000 foods, goals and explore revenue.

When smartphones arrived, most of these online tools designed for applications developed for use anywhere. Some apps are free and some paid. As expected, those who pay for you tend to have more features.

My Fitness Pal

My fitness pal calorie tracker app. My fitness pal app is good for healthy eating.

My Fitness Pal is an application that turns your phone into a physical training device. Largely My Fitness Pal is a food diary and activity log. The idea is when you burn the calories you keep track of and you will be more successful in managing to have a healthy weight. It has a database search of food over three million food. It is a free download for iPhone and Android.

Couch to 5K known, also C25K, a fitness application for beginners is developed. It is intended that literally everyone off the couch and get ready to participate in a 5K race in eight weeks.

Application developers say, the program allows users to slowly build strength and endurance by alternating between walking and running and only 3 days a week. One of the features is that you can listen to music while you workout and follow the program audio alerts that tell you when to go to warm up and run.

Digifit works with a heart rate monitor to training sessions at a rate of calories and heart on the screen in real time displayed record. Users can track weight, blood pressure, sleep, and seeing to pursue the relationship between health and fitness.

Meet people (Getting social)

Endomondo Sports Tracker is another application of fitness, with a difference. There is also a social application. Keep track of time, distance, calories and more in real time provides a sound and bring you to offer your friends to uplifting words, while you 're exercising. Once you set a time, distance or calorie goal as a coach is to receive more advanced audio.

You can set a target for extra motivation and a previous workout or performance of a friend. The application keeps a complete record of the training.

Digital Fitness

Digital fitness gadgets for cardio and fitness first specifically designed to promote the health of a gym..

In addition to your smartphone to turn into a physical device, there are facilities that are specifically designed to promote the health of a gym. Many of these new devices debut at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Officials say that the show almost 10% of companies that their products are niche products for health and fitness.

For example, Casio released the STB-1000, a sports watch with Bluetooth, allowing users to check the personal ability of the most popular mobile applications, use a music player in a smartphone .

"It is an ideal for countless amateur racers who carry their iPhones sport watch," said Shigenori Itoh, Chairman of Casio America Inc. "In addition to compatibility with various applications, has a life of the battery up to two and a versatile, waterproof design that it is easy to use and carry, before, during and after each workout."

The clock works even without an iPhone, it also has other functions of the clock sports such as shooting up to 120 times per revolution.
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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Is obesity a disease? obesity related diseases by experts

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Is Obesity a Disease? Obesity Related Diseases By Experts. How to BEAT obesity naturally, lifestyles diseases, experts

Experts suggested to change lifestyle and gave warning for fast food and obesity, challenge of obesity and various complications that go along with it to overcome in lifestyle by regular exercise.

Diseases caused by obesity. Obesity Related Diseases By Experts. How to BEAT obesity naturally, lifestyles diseases, experts

The various experts who spoke in Lagos recently stood against the exercise of obesity by the Divine and St. Luke Medical pastoral care in partnership with Managed Care Services (MHS) Limited, a health organization (HMO organized), they said that obesity is a very common disease among Nigerians.

Lagos University Teaching Hospital LUTH/ Faculty of Medicine, University of Lagos Teaching (CMUL) the consultant endocrinologist, writes Dr. Sandra Iwuala, who spoke at the event, the health of the lifestyle changes resulting urbanization, sedentary lifestyle, changes in the diet, among other factors of the obesity in people.

Iwuala warned that if it is not treated quickly, obesity can lead to several health risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cataracts and many others.
The highlight of the event was on foot articulated hired hundreds of children, women and men Idi- Araba Masha- Kilo back to Idi- Araba- a distance of several kilometers.

Chief of Managed Care Services (MHS) Limited, Dr. Patrick Korie said the trip was necessary to prevent and raise awareness of obesity, a condition which he says is widespread among Nigerians .

The public health expert has advised Nigerians to exercise at least 30 minutes three times a week to combat obesity, adding that his organization is concerned about the welfare of Nigerians.

Chief Chaplain, Divine Physician and St. Luke LUTE based counseling Rev.Fr. Kwame Owiredu said that consciousness is like Christ in order to ensure the physical well being of people in general.

Iwuala said: "Obesity is an excessive accumulation of body fat, as far as the damage to the person or damage to the health of the person concerned can cause obesity in general, as a body mass index (BMI) of 30 kg per square meter or more defined.

"We need to measure and divide weight by the square of height of a person's weight in kilograms. For example, if someone 70 kg and 1.6, the Body Mass Index or 70 times the 1.6 to 1.6 to the body mass index divided. a BMI over 30 is obese. BMI between 25 and 29.9 overweight, not just enough to say that I'm not overweight, my BMI 30th If your BMI is still in the category of overweight, you are still at risk for certain complications that obesity can bring.

"Obesity has many health implications. Grease is a bit quiet , but not actively doing secret hormones and many things for the body. , It causes a wide range of disorders in the body, from head to toe. , It may increase the risk of cataracts , diabetes , sleep apnea , high blood pressure, stroke , asthma, insomnia, joint problems such as osteoarthritis , among others.

"Obesity is widespread due to changes in lifestyle, dietary changes, urbanization, so that people no longer walk on foot, but everyone wants a bike or take the bus from point A to point B instead of walking. Everyday we see more and more people with these diseases and obesity is one of the factors. Finding people whose mother, for example, developed diabetes at 50 years, lived the development of diabetes in 20 because of the bad life they live in relation to their parents have boys even at 10 years old, coming down with various complications of obesity."

Nigerians should check their lifestyle and regular live BMI. As individuals, we have the category (weight) know we belong. Check your BMI today. If your BMI is within the normal range of 18.5 to 24.9 , to do everything possible to avoid obesity.
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Monday, 18 November 2013

Stubborn belly fat linked with kidney disease study found

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Health and diseases: Belly fat linked to kidney disease new research confirmed

Stubborn belly fat, foods that cause belly fat

Now you should eat foods that cut belly fatThe excessive concentration of fat around the abdomen, belly fat has been discovered by scientists in the past to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Now, the new study found in the Johns Hopkins University found that kidney disease may also be an alternative to having excess belly fat or fat around the abdominal region.

The researchers found that reducing belly fat food intake resulting lower phosphorus concentrations in the amount of albumin in the urine, which suppresses the development of kidney disease. So change your food habits and eat foods that cut belly fat.
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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How to lose stomach fat, five top food to slim body

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 2 comments

How to lose weight from your stomach

Do you know that diet can actually cause you to lose a few pounds? Ironic, is not it? Avid dieters been misled to believe that food is the ultimate nemesis when it comes to weight loss. This illusory form of thinking has poisoned the minds of many dieters. Researchers explain why almost no fear of starvation in an attempt to lose weight.

How do you lose stomach fat. Know how to lose weight from your stomach

 While giving up fattening foods can help you to lose a few pounds, the hunger is good for anyone, as it undermines their health. If there is no such thing as a healthy weight loss, then we all come together dangerous basket of deprivation.

There are two ways for lose weight, lose in healthy and unhealthy ways. Unfortunately, due to lack of education, many choose unconsciously follow the path of unhealthy because it is fast, easy and convenient. The harmful effects of the choice of poor eating habits can appear either at the beginning or in the following years. These effects are independent unhealthy appearance.
The researchers found that can really eat your way to sensuality, as long as you make the right decisions when it comes to your diet. Food addicts explode with happiness when they know there are certain foods that contribute to your waist and you can still get to keep your health.
For the sake of your health, we found five foods that promise to reduce the size of waist and to cut excess fats. 

How to lose weight from your stomach

Just to cheer a bowl of oatmeal in the morning and start your day feeling full and energized. According to nutritionists oats are rich in soluble fiber, which means they are good for your health by lowering cholesterol in the blood. It is the feeling of fullness that make you lose weight because it curbs the appetite, direction away from too much food. Another advantage is that you can get by eating oats, in addition to weight loss is that it helps you to sleep well.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. yes, an apple a day keeps love handles, double click Yes. Apples as the oats are rich in fiber. Any food that is high in fiber is good for you. Stack the blocks out of the fridge is a good idea if you want to cut. Studies have shown that eating apples helps 30 minutes before meals to reduce your calories. Make a habit of eating apples before noon, not only rich in antioxidants that help fight against a disease called metabolic syndrome, but sees the unwanted fat.

Dark chocolate
Chocolate lovers will be pleased to this message! Recent studies suggest that eating dark chocolate can help you lose weight and flatten your belly. According to studies, men of dark chocolate 3 ounces two hours before meals seventeen percent fewer calories than those with milk chocolate. It is believed that the presence of cocoa butter hungry fixed in dark chocolate because there are some time to completely process takes their digestion.

Do not feel to guilty this morning omelet or egg slices into your salad before . In fact, you should be glad that you entered in your dinner eggs, because eggs make you feel full for a long time. A study in thirty overweight and obese women found that those who had two scrambled eggs (with toast and jam calories) fewer calories over the next 36 hours than women who consumed selected bagel. The protein has also been shown to prevent spikes that lead to blood sugar cravings later.

You will be surprised to know that coconut helps fight against obesity are! Yes, you read that right. Lauric acid , a lipid found in coconut shown that to improve the cholesterol. In addition, a study helps in lipid found that reducing the published coconut oil taken dietary supplement abdominal obesity .

Do you know? Food is not so bad really, keep in mind. Also learn about the proportion and sizes, choose foods carefully. So, these are simple and best ways to lose stomach fat.
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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Obesity IN Childhood Causes Severe Health Problems

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Obesity in childhood results in  immediate health problems

Washington:. While the health problems caused by long-term obesity, little has been said about the immediate consequences of the diseases in youth which are over weight.

Now a new study has revealed by UCLA that obese children are much higher risk than previously thought.

Compared to children who are not overweight, obese children are twice as likely to report that three or more disease, psychiatric or developmental disorders found by UCLA researchers. Obese children have a risk 1.3 times higher.

This study gives an overview of childhood obesity, and we were surprised at how many conditions are surprised associated with obesity"This study gives an overview of childhood obesity, and we were surprised at how many conditions are surprised associated with obesity," said lead author Dr. Neal Halfon, professor of pediatrics, public health and public policy at UCLA, where he directs the Center for Healthy Children, families and communities.

"The results should wake up call for doctors, parents and teachers who are better informed about the risk of other health problems associated with obesity, should so they interventions that may, may serve targeted lead to better health outcomes."
A new UCLA study has a large population-based study of children in the United States, the first comprehensive national profile of associations between weight and a number of associated health problems or comorbidities that children suffer during childhood.

Overall, the researchers found that obese children are more likely than those who were classified as overweight were no less healthy, more disability, a greater tendency to emotional and behavioral information, higher repetition rates, missed school days and other school problems, ADHD, behavioral problems, depression, learning difficulties, developmental delay, bone problems, joint and muscle pain, asthma, allergies, headaches, and ear infections.

For the study, researchers used the 2007 National Survey on the health of children `s analysis of data from nearly 43,300 children between the ages of 10 and 17 years. We examined the association between weight and 21 indicators of general health, psychosocial functioning, and health problems specific adjustment for sociodemographic factors.

Among the children who participated in the study, 15 percent were overweight (BMI 85 to 95 percentile), and 16 percent were overweight (with a BMI in the 95th percentile or higher). So from the study it is clear that childhood obesity causes a lot of health issues in children.

The study is published in the print edition of January-February issue of the journal Pediatrics.
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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Emotions Affect Weight Loss Process

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Feelings and emotions can interfere with weight loss

Weight loss - The results of a study in the United States have been conducted show that the inability to control their emotions could run programs weight loss imbalance.

In a survey by Consumer Reports National Research Center conducted more than 1,300 licensed psychologists were asked how they dealt with the burden of the customers and the challenges of weight loss.

Weight loss - The results of a study in the United States have been conducted show that the inability to control their emotions could run programs weight loss

Psychologists have "to understand and manage emotions and behaviors weight management" the need to be important, with the weight loss stressed to cope (44 percent), reported Consumer Reports magazine.

"Anyone who has ever tried to lose a few pounds and keep it off, know that it's not easy," said Norman B. Anderson, Executive Director of the American Psychological Association (APA).

"The good news is that research and clinical experience have shown that, in addition to behavioral treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, the emotional barriers helps people to lose weight," said Anderson.

Cognitive therapy helps people recognize and. With negative thoughts and emotions that can handle lead to unhealthy behaviors, according to a statement from the APA

Respondents also cited "emotional eating" (43 percent) as an obstacle to weight loss and included "maintaining a regular exercise routine" (43 percent) and "appropriate decisions to meet food in general" (28 percent) as a key to losing weight.

In general, even with control over behavior and emotions related to nutrition is important for maintaining a weight loss diet.

Eighty-two percent of respondents to help with weight loss treatment, 306 reported a customer "address underlying emotional problems associated with weight gain."

More than 70 percent identified cognitive therapy, problem solving and care as "excellent" or "good" strategy for weight loss.
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Top selected 10 fitness trends for 2013

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Top selected 10 fitness trends for 2013

Your body is the only tool you need for one of the most popular trends in fitness: Body weight workouts.

A new study shows the trends in fitness training body weight, including back-to-basics exercises such as pumps, planks, and pull-ups should be one of the trends in fitness for 2013.

Top-10 Health and fitness trends.

According to the survey, the projected Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2013 are:

The researchers say that people have been using their own weight for centuries as a form of strength training. But this is the first time I asked the tendency survey that gyms are now included in the programs of exercises.

"These are body weight exercises are a way to stay in shape and," says researcher Walt Thompson, Ph.D., Georgia State University. "At a time when many people are concerned about reducing costs, bodyweight exercises are a great way to feel good and look for sounds without major financial investment."

About 7 exercises Effective Presentation
Fitness Trends in 2013

Among the first in the survey of fitness trends for the sixth year in a row, are fitness professionals.

The researchers say that the training and certification of health professionals and fitness is growing exponentially. The number of employees should increase by 29% trainer from 251,400 in 2010 to 311,800 in 2020.

According to the survey, the projected Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2013 are:

1. Fitness professionals trained, certified and experienced - jobs for fitness workers is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations, according to U.S. Department of Labor.

Second Bodybuilding - The number 2, for the second year running, strength training is still a strong trend. It is no longer limited to the construction of the body, most people now have some form of strength training to improve or maintain muscle strength.

Third Bodyweight training - bodyweight exercises with minimal equipment and include push-ups, pull-ups, squats and planks.

4th Children and obesity - exercise programs aimed at the problem of obesity, are also more likely to fitness. Schools are increasingly associated with business and community programs for the prevention and treatment of physical rising rates of obesity in children.

5th Exercise and weight loss - even in the top 20 fitness trends, the researchers say, that incorporate the most popular diet, exercise to promote weight loss plans.

6th Training Program for Seniors - Fitness programs benefit an aging baby boomers age appropriate exercises.

7th Personal Training - Personal Trainer As always are certificates that are increasingly in a variety of settings such as welfare, community and fitness programs.

8th Functional Fitness - Researchers define functional fitness that with strength training to improve balance, coordination, strength, power and endurance to perform the activities of daily living. Functional fitness programs are designed to meet the specific activities on the daily lives and reflect are often used in fitness programs for seniors.

9th Basic Training - Using computers in return balls and Balance Board, focusing on basic strength training and conditioning of the stabilizing muscles of the abdominal wall. The researchers say that exercise the core muscles improved in the hips, back, abdomen, and the overall stability of the daily activities and sports performance.

10th Training of personnel of the Group - A boon for cost-conscious customers, personal trainer, and often a service for small groups of two to four people with great discounts.

The survey was completed by 3,346 health care professionals and health in the world and is published in the American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Journal.
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Friday, 19 October 2012

Use Coffee Bean For Fast Loosing Weight Fat Loss

Friday, October 19, 2012 Leave a Comment

Breakthrough diet exposed: Coffee Bean New Scientist say "This Could be The  best Cure for weight loss for every body type"

Usually i do not  recommend weight loss supplements, supplements especially for loosing weight, the "easy weight loss" or say "lose weight fast", but the green coffee beans, which really surprised me, "said Dr. Lindsey Duncan." What has the media and science as abstract green coffee beans is upset that people do not do something other than taking this dietary supplement is not necessary in order to exercise, diet, eat, you do not just seem to lose weight. "

The recent study on the green coffee beans in diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity journal followed a group of 16 adults who completed with green coffee extract for 12 weeks. During the study, subjects lost an average of 17 pounds - which was 10 percent of total body weight and 16 percent of their body fat in general! This information is very compelling, and which have remained the more interesting topics! On a diet of 2400 calories per day He had to reduce their normal diet for a ridiculous amount of calories in order to lose some weight! (2)
Use Coffee Bean For Fast Loosing Weight Fat Loss Breakthrough diet exposed

Coffee Bean best Cure for weight loss

Gage Director Bryant said, "It's amazing the number of calls, customers will come back and spend a week or two distributors I mean, this is a very good thing.". Even businesses that do not sell the product in general take note. Natural Remedies Healthy Market Consultant Joy Fanning said: "Many people have been suspended, that we had to take special orders." The markets reacted Home healthy lines and placed over 200 orders for fat burners.

Green coffee extract, Hottest New American Way to get a Flat Stomach:

How to loose - how to lose weight

According to Dr. Lindsey (focused The popular host on the program during the episode on abstract green coffee beans) For best results, use a minimum of 800 mg (the exact dose of natural products, green coffee) at least 30 minutes before each meal at least twice a day. Because coffee is a food and has no harmful side effects have been reported in the study, I suggest taking 2 capsules before each meal diet!

Green Coffee Extract is a powder by grinding green coffee beans. The coffee beans are simply green coffee, the unroasted often grown in Central and South America. These small grains are now being used as a dietary supplement for weight loss also occurs on television during the day. Just as green tea extract weight loss cause? According to a new study from coffee bean extract contains a highly concentrated amount of chlorogenic acid, which has been shown by two properties of the weight loss. First chlorogenic acid causes the liver to metabolize fat beginning at a very fast pace, so that the raw coffee extract is available as the best fat burner.

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Second acid, chlorogenic acid also inhibits the ability of the body to absorb glucose. This significantly reduces the levels of insulin in the body, so that the liver responds by the storage of fat. In other words, chlorogenic acid works in green coffee extracts, prevent the body to absorb more fat while stored fat deposits begin on the back, thighs, chest and stomach burn. Together, these mechanisms in rapid weight loss.

What you can expect natural green coffee

We are sure you have tried many different weight loss products that will do all the promises incredible things, then do not deliver. This should not be the case, then we'll say what we mean when we try to feel Natural Green Coffee:

Fat Burners
Effective appetite suppressant
It's fast, reliable results
Massive weight loss results
Increased concentration
The energy during the day
No crash

As we know, you can be a little skeptical about the impact of this "miracle fat burner", but you have to know yourself and the results are undeniable if you follow the program. After personal study it s please comment below and tell us about your success on How to loose with the products and stages of weight loss literally melt spinning to lose fat and the weight you worked so hard to lose.

Green coffee Each serving contains 800 mg of Natural Natural Green Coffee - one of the highest concentrations currently available (most products give 100 mg per serving).
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Sunday, 24 June 2012

6 Things Never to Do to Lose Weight

Sunday, June 24, 2012 Leave a Comment

Wrong Way to lose Weight can Lead to certain health problems.

6 Things Never to Do to Lose Weight

Fight against the Battle of the Bulge in a diet can make sense benign misguided efforts of the extreme risk-taking behavior vary, frankly. Some behaviors are unlikely to cause harm, because it is not long enough to cause harm can be maintained, but the diet of other tactics can be dangerous and cause serious health consequences.

"People are so focused on weight loss, do they provide, what unproven and potentially dangerous, it can backfire and cause serious health problems," says Michelle May, MD, a physician management Arizona-based weight.

Extreme diets may also pave the way and increase the risk of developing eating disorders, eating disorders specialist, says Connie Diekman, M.Ed., RD.

Skipping meals, are weighing every day, food groups, or rely on supplements, a diet of junk food fix is ​​not the best ways to lose weight, but these behaviors can cause serious health consequences.

 experts to identify the most dangerous occupations in the diet should not be used for weight loss.
Hunger, fasting, or very low calorie diets.

Very cutting calories leads to weight loss, weight loss, but contains valuable muscle mass and increases the health risks - and most people at some point back all the weight and some.

"The rapid weight loss through caloric restriction criticism makes the water a little fat and muscle loss, which reduces ultimately the metabolism so the body needs fewer calories to survive," says May, eat the author of what you love and love what you eat. It also caused a shift towards a greater percentage of body fat, which increases the risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

Cut not less than 1200 calories per day, otherwise you will fight to the nutritional requirements to meet the activity of fuel and satisfy hunger. Note that if you lose weight quickly, you tend to be re-packed with more muscle and less fat, which lowers your metabolism and calorie needs.
Questionable supplements and diet pills over the counter that make big promises.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Diet pills, potions and decoctions are not prescribed or ordered over the Internet is unlikely to be effective, it is not necessary or exaggerated insurance in a position that promises to fulfill many times.

Diet Pills Over-the-counter does not seem dangerous, but still cause damage. "Most diet pills, a quick fix of caffeine and diuretics, electrolyte disturbances and dehydration work pay," said Diekmann, director of nutrition at Washington University in St. Louis.

The FDA does not give the same attention as supplements to prescription drugs. Some OTC products or over the Internet "can be harmful, ineffective and a waste of money," said the spokesman for the American Dietetic Jeannie Gazzaniga-Moloo, PhD, RD.

FDA urges people to report dangerous complemented by its MedWatch program. Be careful: Just because it says it is not of course necessarily mean that it is safe or good for you.

The regime of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a good example of a plan approved by the FDA for weight loss approved IsNot but legions of dieters are using. HCG weight loss, says May, you probably have to do more with the restriction of 500 calories, no hCG in the urine of pregnant women. Carries the same risks that a very low calorie diet and unknown risks associated with long-term use of hCG. Some doctors, even without treatment, the risk of their offices, which are not approved for weight loss.

Forget the diet pills and supplements. Instead Moloo said to be on healthy foods that help you lose weight-based.
Clean and detox plans.

Purification of a colonoscopy is necessary to examine the large intestine, but the cleaning system to clean your body of toxins is not required. After all, clean water and weight loss stool weight in the best, but can be dangerous and pose risks of dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and much more.

"The loss of fluid and play without medical supervision is dangerous and if with a fast connection, too risky. Your body is only available to detoxify and excrete toxins that are so clean unnecessary and can lead to serious complications, the refined system of her body "Mai says.

Instead of detoxification, are conscious of what you eat. You want to clean or detoxify your body, drink plenty of water and eat plenty of foods rich in fiber.
All forms of purging.

Includes debugging make you vomit chew and spit, and abuse of laxatives. "These are not unhealthy and dangerous behavior rather than at the universities, serious health problems, and are the first step in the development of eating disorders," says Diekman counseling students with eating disorders at the University of Washington.

The acid in the stomach is extremely strong, which is required to prepare the food for digestion and absorption. Stomach contents will remain in the stomach are regurgitated into the esophagus and not the mouth. "Extremely sour vomiting, the erosion of tooth enamel esophagus, mouth and teeth, the risk of certain types of cancer, may increase tooth decay, and if bleeding is a ritual," says Diekmann.

Regular purging by vomiting or laxative abuse will result in the loss of excess fluid, dehydration and electrolyte disturbances.

All these forms of weight loss is dangerous, but the most dangerous is the use of ipecac syrup, says Diekmann. "One dose can lead to ventricular arrhythmias and may lead to cardiac arrest."

Bleeding in all its forms is not possible to trim the size, but it is extremely dangerous and not recommended by experts. Food and drink responsibly is a good way to lose weight is safer, healthier, but if you can not control their behavior, seek medical help.

Exercise can make for good reality TV, but in the real world, can cause serious problems. Intense exercise is the body, causing severe erosion, which increases the risk of injury, dehydration, electrolyte disturbances and increased exercise is psychologically as punishment for eating, Mai says.

The American Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association recommends at least 30 minutes a day, five days per week of moderate intensity or 20 minutes of cardio per day, 3 days per week of vigorous intense cardie-and 8 - 10 years of weight training, 8 to 12 repetitions, twice a week.

Despite government recommendations, some people believe that more is better, and go beyond what is healthy and to exercise obsessive control of their lives in unhealthy ways.

Participate in regular physical activity for health benefits, including stress reduction, because if you ignore the overstress in your life, the release of hormones such as cortisol increases appetite and can cause the storage of fat, Mo loo said.
The legal and illegal drugs

The use of drugs other than prescription drugs for weight loss to weight loss is a terrible mistake and filled with all sorts of consequences.

"The potential risks associated with drug abuse such as cocaine, amphetamines, attention deficit disorder is connected, thyroid medication for diabetes and for weight loss is much greater than the health benefits that you can lose weight to achieve," says Moloo. Contain only a few unwanted risks, "physical dependence and psychological, social and financial problems, stress in relationships, anxiety, headaches, stroke brain, heart, lung and kidney problems."

The use of illicit drugs for the purpose and are not recommended for the use of legal drugs on the desired end without medical supervision is dangerous.
The use of snuff

For decades, officials have discouraged the public health because of its health risks of smoking for many, but some people, especially young adults - Tobacco use as a food strategy.

Nicotine has been shown to be an appetite suppressant, however, the risks of smoking far outweigh the supposed benefits of smoking.

Smoking harms nearly every organ in the body, causing cancer, respiratory, cardiovascular and other health-smokers generally reduces and increases the risk of death.

Apart from the health risks of many that weight gain is often a side effect when addicted smokers to quit trying.

Bottom line: do not smoke, for some reason, let alone to promote weight loss.
Best Practices in weight loss

Choose a diet that works for your lifestyle. Studies show the best diet is one you can keep long term. Use common sense, listen to your body, be aware of what you eat and the transmission loss programs expensive, risky and not on weight or value of products that are tested.

Consult an expert of your physician or registered dietitian if you are worried about their weight loss methods that may be on the extreme border or unhealthy.
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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Loosing Weight Naturally-Black Pepper May Help Fight Fat

Saturday, June 02, 2012 Leave a Comment

Sneeze makes the same ingredient in black pepper can help you stay slim and loose excess body weight.

How do you loose weight ?  loose weight naturally

Pungent Ingredient in Black Pepper Targets Fat Cells

A new study indicates that the component of black pepper called piperine FAT fight by blocking the formation of new fat cells and thus help to remain slim and to loose extra fat and weight.

If further studies confirm these effects, researchers say black pepper can offer a natural alternative for the treatment of diseases associated with obesity and fat.

"Our results suggest that piperine, the main ingredient of black pepper, differentiation, inhibit fat cells ... which leads to their possible use in the treatment of obesity-related diseases," wrote the researchers Ui-Hyun Park Sejong University in Seoul , Korea, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry to lost weight.

Black pepper Fat Fighter

Researchers say the benefits of black pepper and black pepper plant for centuries in traditional oriental medicine used to treat cholera, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems is known to loose weight naturally.

It is, however, little is known about how black pepper in the bloodstream that can explain these positive effects known.

In their study the researchers analyzed the effects of piperine on gene expression in adipose tissue in laboratory models and computer simulations.

The results showed that piperine with the activity of genes, which hinders the formation of new fat cells.

Researchers say it creates a black pepper-profit chain reaction that helps to keep the formation of fat in the register of other ways.

"Overall, our results suggest indicates that the compound piperine, a natural leader for the treatment of disorders of fat to be" the researchers write. Thus it is a good news for those who want to cut fats naturally and want to become slim and trim.
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How To Loose Weight without Gym Workout-Easy non-Gym workout

Saturday, June 02, 2012 Leave a Comment

The No-Gym Workout to loose weight and become fit and healthy

Get Fit at home
You need machines in sweat in the gym to get fit? Save your money. To your own body weight and gravity do the work, says Pete McCall, MS, of the American Council on Exercise: "Arise, basic exercises, such as wood chops are particularly effective." So chop, cut! This practice leads to non-gym workout - 15 movements difficult to help men and women in great shape.

Cut firewood
The muscles of the upper body exercise by extraction, including abs. Begin with your feet hip-width apart bent, hips and knees slightly. Bring inclined overloading the car and start it over his shoulder, torso on the tape. Relax slightly to the opposite hip twist. Slowly back. If you have a medical condition you should consult your doctor before you consult a fitness program.

Permanent hose assembly
This seemingly simple movement affects all the muscles in a pull-up and all the major muscles used. Grasp the handles with arms straight and tight tubes. Pull the lever to sit back in your direction and easily. Focus on your shoulder blades together and back. Break and stretch your arms slowly return to starting position without stooping.

Pull-ups and push-ups work the arm and back muscles, the big bang for your buck there. Turn your palms away from the muscles of the back, or do you have your palms facing target the biceps. Keep the chin bar and cross your legs at a lower body to keep it stable. Pull on the body by bending your elbows until your chin is level with the counter. Pause and slowly return to its original position. Repeat.

Wide grip push-up
A wide grip makes the chest muscles work a little harder. Place your hands on the shoulders. McCall said it was important to commit to your core muscles, thighs and buttocks, to the best of this or make another push-up. When lifting, said: "Do you use the floor with your hands to make big pecs."

Decline push-up
This push-up hard kick to your shoulder level a few notches of a pair. Enter a standard push-up: hands apart slightly wider than shoulder width apart, fingers bent forward, elbows slightly and his eyes on the ground. Then place your feet behind you in a sturdy chair or bench. Keep your body straight, do your abdominal muscles, bend your elbows and lower your chest toward the floor. Move to the starting position.

Jump powertrain
Professional athletes train with jumps and other explosive movements to increase muscle strength. It helps to jump higher basketball players and tennis players get to the fastball. Jump training is also called plyometrics, and not for beginners or those with orthopedic problems. But if you speed up a good strength and balance, you can try to play some plyometric movements your workout once or twice a week.

Squat jump
Move your hips back and down to start on your heels off the ground. Take a short break and explode up, you swing your arms stretched out on his feet. Create a straight line from feet to fingers, with a flat back. Soft landing on the midfoot and sinks back into a crouch to absorb. Before adding jumping movements, people who are sedentary or injured consulted a doctor.

How to Lose the Gut
Dozens of crunches on your own, are not likely to help you lose the gut. What work is a total body workout that builds muscle mass at all. Since burns calories even at rest muscle, more muscle helps to melt fat everywhere, including in the stomach. The best plan is regular cardio (aerobic), strength training, and controls a healthy diet, calories.

Split Squat with Biceps
Treat yourself leaning your right foot on a chair behind you, with your weight on your left leg. Is your head, eyes forward, the weight next to him and most importantly - keep your knees in front of the ankle. Now slowly lower your hips by bending the knee. Push up and pull the weight on the shoulders, but not to twist the arms, how to lift it. Perform all reps and switch legs.

With one leg hamstring blaster
Strong thighs to help blow past other riders in the mountains. To challenge these muscles, the knees are bent at an angle of 90 degrees and both heels on a chair or a ladder. You cross an ankle over the opposite thigh just above the knee. Now lift your hips as high as possible and keep your back straight - not the arch. Break at the hips up and down slowly on the floor and repeat. Switch legs.

Chair Dip
These notes are simply moving the rear arms, a problem area for many women. Sit on the edge of a step or a chair with your palms on both sides, and knees bent at 90 degrees. Now, scoot your hips forward, step up your hands, you are supporting your weight. Slowly lower your body, keep your back close to the stage. Bend your elbows until your arms are parallel to the ground. Move too slowly and repeat.

Lose love handles
Circulating fatty areas of the size of common concern. Unfortunately, turning from right to left does little to take advantage of its size, according to Mark Nutting, CSCS. Weight loss can melt all the fat that covers them, then work your obliques can add the sound. "We have to work against the resistance in order to create change," Nutting said, your best bet. Wooden planks and chops, with a healthy diet.

This movement strengthens every muscle in isometric base, which helps tone the abdominal muscles. Lie face down, elbows near the sides and directly under your shoulders, palms down. Include your abs and slowly lift your upper body from the ground, maintaining a rigid torso and legs. Prevent distortion in the lower back or hiking on the hips. Keep breathing and hold this position for 15 seconds or more.

Try this groundbreaking initiative only after mastery of the traditional table. Support your weight with your chest and forearms on a fitness ball. Keep your legs straight and feet on the ground and contract your abdominal muscles to help you to maintain balance. Put your weight on your left leg, right knee bent and bring them to meet the ball slowly to the starting position and repeat. Switch legs.

Ball table with shoulder extension
Willing to work every muscle in your body? This initiative comes at a special challenge for the heart. Put your chest, abdomen and hands (with weights) in a fitness ball, legs stretched on the ground. Slowly lift one arm behind him, toward the ceiling. Contracting your abdominal muscles against the ball rolling, but do not forget to breathe. Pause, turns his hand to the ball slowly and repeat with other arm.

Protection for the lower back
If you have lower back pain, heat, gently stretching before exercise, the hip, says McCall, "tight hip flexors pull the lower back." Kneel on one knee with the foot behind. Keep your legs parallel to each other, hands folded on his knees, and let your hips drop toward the floor, keep the torso upright. Do not lean forward. Hold for 30 seconds and switch legs

Tips for trips jockeys
Sitting with poor posture for hours per day increases the risk of lower back pain. And shoulder pain in people who are projecting their heads and upper body forward jointly held all day staring at a computer. Remember on your desktop, go to a timer every hour effort to check your ears, shoulders and hips are aligned. During the development, which can extend from the hip and the rows of tubes to help counteract the pain of office work.

How many reps are right for you?
For strength and power, the target for the three sets of six repetitions. For growth and muscle tone usually three groups of 6-12 repetitions. If you are a broker for the fight muscular endurance, Plan 2-3 sets of 12 reps or more with breaks of 30 seconds. Always be careful and if something does not feel well, consult a fitness expert. Depending on your health and fitness, some exercises are recommended ..
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Flat Abs-9 Top Easy Tips for flat abs

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flat Abs: How to Get Them. 9 Tips for flat abs

How do I get flat abs
As the Holy Grail, many people are on a mission to improve your abdominal muscles. What does it take to get there? These nine simple exercises and lifestyle advice is to start in the right direction.

Abdominal exercises

# 1: Improve your posture
Delays and stomach pooches. So, right, and what do you a favor for your abdominal muscles without doing the same work up a sweat! Standing for a better posture, align your ears over your shoulders, hips, shoulders over hips and knees at the knees over the ankles. Keep the front shoulder open like a shirt on a hanger, instead of a T-shirt on a hanger. Draw your belly button toward your spine and keep your weight on your toes and heels.

2: Consider the performance of the whole body
Not in the abdominal muscles, your other muscles are neglected asked. Your core muscles are the gluteal and back muscles, for example. Pilates is a way to work every muscle in the floor, arms and legs, for a total body workout that does not strengthen the abdominal muscles - and much more.

3: Try the Canoe Twist
Stand up, feet apart. Fingers crossed, in order to create a firm hold. Exhale and sweep the hands together, arms, shoulders and chest on the left side, as if "rowing a canoe." Simultaneously lift the left knee and right. Inhale and return to the starting position. Exhale and make the move to the right. Alternate for 20 repetitions.

4: The shot of the cat
Stand with your feet together, arms outstretched like airplane wings. Exhale and lift your right leg forward and up. At the same time, sweep the arms forward at shoulder height and around the spine like a cat. The navel should feel as if you pushed in the direction of the spine. Inhalation and to re-open and return to starting position. Repeat with left leg, alternating for 20 repetitions.

No. 5: Practice the Pilates Zip Up
Stand with your heels, feet slightly to the outside. Bring your arms up, holding hands under the chin. Exhale and press your arms down, keeping your hands and arms close to body. At the same time, raise your heels on the floor in the toe. Hold for two seconds at the "top", inhalation and returned to the starting position. The ABS-go "in and up" and lay down their weapons. Perform 20 repetitions.

No. 6: Examine your diet
You can do crunches until the cows come home, but if you have extra belly fat, strong abdominal muscles will not be displayed. In order to move the belly fat, you need to watch what you eat and your activity level. In other words, eat less and exercise more and spend out of your calories wisely and get get flat abs.

No. 7: The parentheses are optional
Stability balls and Bosu, belts and straps, and gym memberships can be wonderful, but do not have strong abs. Even in everyday life - on a walk, waiting in line at the supermarket, or socializing at a party - which can involve abdominal right foot and exhale draw the belly button of the spine.

# 8: Set realistic goals
Your genes may play a role in the shape of your body, but not as an excuse to give up and go to the box of cookies. Your goals should be realistic and focused on your body, not an idealized image. Beyonce can motivate par, but do not expect to emulate.

9: Take it easy
There is no quick fix. Even the promised quick solutions are temporary. Plan for slow and steady progress and setbacks, frustrations and even prepare. Rewards come with time and perseverance to get a flat abs flat belly exercise.
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Monday, 16 April 2012


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              Which Foods Fight Fat?

Studies suggest that cinnamon may have a stabilizing effect on blood sugar levels. This could reduce the appetite, especially in people with type 2 diabetes, says Bonci. Almost anyone can of cinnamon in their traditional role to benefit. Add to add a little coffee, tea or yogurt sweetness without calories.

Hot Peppers
Hot peppers contain a substance called capsaicin taste. It is most common in the habanero chili, but also occurs in the jalapenos. The compound is to inhibit appetite and metabolism slightly, but only for a short time. Bonci doubt that this has a significant impact on weight loss. But, he says, people tend to eat less when food is spicy.

Green tea
Several studies suggest that green tea can promote weight loss by stimulating the body to burn belly fat. Green tea contains catechins, a type of phytochemicals that may affect the metabolism shortly. To achieve the maximum benefit, you have to drink green tea several times a day. Bonci recommends hot tea, because it takes longer to drink, you reduce your intake of calories and provide a relaxing, taking into account.

While grapefruit has fat burning properties, no magic can help dieters feel full with fewer calories. Bonci, this leads to the large amounts of soluble fiber, take longer to digest, to. Have half a grapefruit or a glass of grapefruit juice before each meal can help to fill, if you eat less calories during the meal.

Foods with high water content is take up more space in the gut, says Bonci. This means that the body you had enough to eat and less room for other foods. Many raw fruits and vegetables are full of water and nutrients, but low in calories. Watermelon is an excellent example. It is a rich source of lycopene, an antioxidant, and added vitamins A and C in the day, too.

Apples and Pears
Pears and apples are also high in water content. Eat more fiber shell that keeps you full longer. Bonci recommends whole fruit instead of juice. You can not just get more fiber, you have to chew on. It takes longer and requires some effort. Actually a couple of calories burned chewing, swallowing like a smoothie, however.

Grapes against
The value of the water content is evident when two cups of grapes from ¼ cup raisins. Each option has slightly more than 100 calories, but most of the grapes will probably feel more satisfying. However, says Bonci, nuts have an interesting texture. When used sparingly, a few raisins or dried cranberries to make a salad more appealing.

As with other fruits, berries are rich in fiber and water, they last longer. But they have another advantage - they are very gentle. This means you can array your sweet tooth for a fraction of the calories that you meet through the ingestion of cookies or brownies. Blueberries are highlighted because they are easy to find and loaded with antioxidants.

Raw vegetables
Raw vegetables to snack on while waiting. Meet the need for calculations that are filled with water so you feel full and have to make low calorie. ½ cup diced celery has only eight calories. Bonci suggests celery covered with a little peanut butter or dipping carrots into the sauce. If you're in the mood for chips and salsa, replace the chips with raw vegetables.

Sweet potatoes
Think of the typical ingredients of the baked potato - butter, cream, sour, maybe cheese and bacon. If you substitute a sweet potato, you do not need anything. Sweet potatoes are so full of flavor, it takes very little jewelry. This saves a lot of calories. As a bonus, sweet potatoes are full of carotene, potassium, beta-, vitamin C and fiber.

Sounds too good to be true - one of your favorite drinks might indeed help to revolutionize the metabolism and helps you lose weight. Bonci says the coffee is not to boost metabolism - a little. She warns that the effect be small and simple, by the excess calories in a mocha cappuccino.

Another way to fill before a meal is to eat salad. The salad has a lot of water content to occupy space in the stomach. This leaves less room for fatty foods that can occur later in the meal. Make a salad of interest by a variety of fruits and vegetables or cheese. But beware of the association before that can add many calories. Bonci recommends the use of salsa, hummus or black bean dip and dressing.

Three cups of popcorn may be high, but the calorie content is low. The whole air increases the volume without adding fat or sugar. "When people are looking for a snack, do not stop in 10 chips," says Bonci. You want to have enough, and offers a large bowl of popcorn. "It is visually satisfying, plus it takes time to eat."
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Can You Quicken Your Weight Loss with Phen375?

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Can You Quicken Your Weights Loss with Phen375?

Not long ago, weights loss supplements like Phen375 have become rather trendy for individuals who wish to lose weight. Because of the advancement of technology, the way in which individuals have looked at weight loss has changed and it is easier to accomplish than ever. There are all kinds of different kinds of fat loss supplements available which do a variety of things to the body and you have to know what you're looking for if you want to choose the perfect supplement for helping you lose weight. One of the types of fat loss supplements are called fat burners, and Phen375 is thought to be one of the best fat burners on the market.

Phen 375 is short for Phentermine which has been recognised by the market for many years as an incredibly powerful fat burner and appetite suppressant. The original drug containing Phentermine has long since been stopped but Phen375 has all of the stuff that made it widely used and none of the stuff that got it banned. Phen375 was launched in 2009, and these loose weight  supplements for losing fat are 100% legal, and contain some of the most potent ingredients for burning fats. Apart from breaking down fatty tissue, suppressing the appetite and ram ping up your body's metabolism, they also have the ability to keep your body from keeping fat.

A strong self-control is not needed with Phen375 as it will stop your cravings for food, which
causes most diets to fail as soon as they are started. Your calorie intake will be low when you
take Phen375 because it suppresses your appetite which means that you won't be craving food--and cravings are why you typically eat excessively. Your experience of shedding pounds will be much better when you are taking Phen375, since your craving for food will be eliminated. Before you start taking Phen375, you need to decide how much weight loss is your goal, making it a practical goal that can be achieved. A good example of an unreasonable weights loss goal is to get rid of 30 pounds in 3 weeks. Attempting this under the best of circumstances could be quite unsafe.

A better objective, especially if you want Phen375 to help you, is to drop ten to twelve pounds
in a month by eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water and exercising frequently.
Supplements aren't meant to do all of the work for you, they are only meant to be helpful to your
other efforts. Taking Phen375, without altering some of your habits, is not going to work. Weight
loss pills can't do it alone but they can do quite a lot (and quickly) when they are used
together with practical programs that include things like lessening how much bad food you eat.

Phen375 when you include it with a good diet and exercise regime can be incredibly helpful and useful. The majority of diets fail because you become hungry and crave foods, such as sweets and complex carbs. Phen375 will take away your cravings, hunger and weariness, by helping your body burn fats and thus helps in weights loss.
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