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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Cholesterol Level reducing drug help in eye diseases and treatment

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Cholesterol reducing drug can help in eye diseases and treatment

Cholesterol level reducing medicines can be used to treat macular degeneration - an eye disease that leads to blindness, a new study shows.

Researchers at the School of Medicine, Washington University in St. Louis report that found a link between atherosclerosis and macular degeneration related to age. The risk of these diseases increases when the body is not able to eliminate fat.

The study of the major cells of the immune system called macrophages concentrated. Such as elevated cholesterol, the macrophages begin to malfunction.
Cholesterol reducing drug can help in eye diseases and treatment

"Based on the results, we must determine whether the vision loss was caused by macular degeneration with eye prevents drops to medicines for cholesterol lowering, or other, may prevent the accumulation of fat in the retina," says Rajendra S. Apte , MD, PhD, lead author of the study.

AMD is detected by the presence of "drusen", which are recorded in an audit as yellow deposits in the macula. The macula is the central part of the retina, a thin membrane, which acts as a light-reflecting screen in the eye. AMD can "dry" or "wet" as the formation of blood vessels, according to the National Eye Institute.
In the "dry" type of disease, the doctors, the fat deposits under the retina can, to see the damage of the central part of the vision. So chlostrol lowering drug can give best result in eye diseases and treatment.

In the "wet" type of aging begin macrophage cholesterol level accumulation and create an inflammatory process that leads to an accumulation of small blood vessels in the eye.
"Ultimately, the inflammation of a toxic mix of things that led to the growth of new blood vessels creates," Apte said in a press release. "Most of the loss of the vision of the" wet "macular degeneration is the result of bleeding and scarring compared to the growth of abnormal blood vessels."

This study was conducted in aged mice. The researchers found, began to miss that the age of the mice, macrophages cleans a crucial protein called ABCA1 cellular proteins. This inability to remove excess fat means that the cells could not stop the blood vessels form in the eye, causing severe "wet" form of the disease.

The researchers then tested whether the restoration of the main protein can help remove cholesterol level from macrophages.
"We were able to administer the medication, called LXR agonists in the form of eye drops. And we realized that we can reverse macular degeneration associated with the eye of an old mouse. It's exciting, because if we could use eye drops to drugs that could combat macular degeneration therapy focus only on the eyes, and could probably reduce the side effects of taking drugs to be administered orally, "said Abdoulaye Sene, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Apte and first author of the study.

The study is published in the journal Cell Metabolism.
The United States has about 1.8 million adults over 40 years have AMD and an additional $ 7.3 million with large drusen are at risk of developing AMD, the National Eye Institute said. In 2020, the country is about 2.9 million people with AMD and this drug can be handy in eye diseases and treatment..

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Fact Of Obesity and Fast Food and Other Diseases

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 Fast food can be the cause of asthma and many other diseases

Obesity and fast foodThe diet of most US people contains mainly of processed foods and fast food. These are foods that are mass produced and the lack of proper nutrients required for the body to fight the diseases. Also there are many links with obesity and fast food.

Processed and fast foods contains a lot of chemical additives and preservatives. Meat - taken from animals treated with synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics and raised in unhealthy and against nature, it is often by-products of the meat and meat products, real loads. "Meat" version of these by-products of the meat is often that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has "pink slime", the fat and meat trimmings treated with ammonia, has expired.

Fast food can be the cause of asthma and many other diseases

A diet of processed and fast food is highly acidic and creates a condition called acidosis. Acidosis in the body (except for the stomach, which has to be very acid) is a cause of the disease is not detected by the medical staff. The symptoms of acidosis, the form of a chronic degenerative disease, which may include cancer, diabetes, arthritis, pulmonary emphysema, atherosclerosis and heart disease.

In addition to causing obesity and a variety of other chronic diseases deginerative cause fast food a number of health problems, according to the journal Thorax. These include asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, asthma a disease and it is the food that cause eczema. Also many reserchers found a major role of children obesity and fast food.

Processed and fast foods should be avoided like the plague. They are a scourge on the health of Americans.

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