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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How to lose stomach fat, five top food to slim body

How to lose weight from your stomach

Do you know that diet can actually cause you to lose a few pounds? Ironic, is not it? Avid dieters been misled to believe that food is the ultimate nemesis when it comes to weight loss. This illusory form of thinking has poisoned the minds of many dieters. Researchers explain why almost no fear of starvation in an attempt to lose weight.

How do you lose stomach fat. Know how to lose weight from your stomach

 While giving up fattening foods can help you to lose a few pounds, the hunger is good for anyone, as it undermines their health. If there is no such thing as a healthy weight loss, then we all come together dangerous basket of deprivation.

There are two ways for lose weight, lose in healthy and unhealthy ways. Unfortunately, due to lack of education, many choose unconsciously follow the path of unhealthy because it is fast, easy and convenient. The harmful effects of the choice of poor eating habits can appear either at the beginning or in the following years. These effects are independent unhealthy appearance.
The researchers found that can really eat your way to sensuality, as long as you make the right decisions when it comes to your diet. Food addicts explode with happiness when they know there are certain foods that contribute to your waist and you can still get to keep your health.
For the sake of your health, we found five foods that promise to reduce the size of waist and to cut excess fats. 

How to lose weight from your stomach

Just to cheer a bowl of oatmeal in the morning and start your day feeling full and energized. According to nutritionists oats are rich in soluble fiber, which means they are good for your health by lowering cholesterol in the blood. It is the feeling of fullness that make you lose weight because it curbs the appetite, direction away from too much food. Another advantage is that you can get by eating oats, in addition to weight loss is that it helps you to sleep well.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. yes, an apple a day keeps love handles, double click Yes. Apples as the oats are rich in fiber. Any food that is high in fiber is good for you. Stack the blocks out of the fridge is a good idea if you want to cut. Studies have shown that eating apples helps 30 minutes before meals to reduce your calories. Make a habit of eating apples before noon, not only rich in antioxidants that help fight against a disease called metabolic syndrome, but sees the unwanted fat.

Dark chocolate
Chocolate lovers will be pleased to this message! Recent studies suggest that eating dark chocolate can help you lose weight and flatten your belly. According to studies, men of dark chocolate 3 ounces two hours before meals seventeen percent fewer calories than those with milk chocolate. It is believed that the presence of cocoa butter hungry fixed in dark chocolate because there are some time to completely process takes their digestion.

Do not feel to guilty this morning omelet or egg slices into your salad before . In fact, you should be glad that you entered in your dinner eggs, because eggs make you feel full for a long time. A study in thirty overweight and obese women found that those who had two scrambled eggs (with toast and jam calories) fewer calories over the next 36 hours than women who consumed selected bagel. The protein has also been shown to prevent spikes that lead to blood sugar cravings later.

You will be surprised to know that coconut helps fight against obesity are! Yes, you read that right. Lauric acid , a lipid found in coconut shown that to improve the cholesterol. In addition, a study helps in lipid found that reducing the published coconut oil taken dietary supplement abdominal obesity .

Do you know? Food is not so bad really, keep in mind. Also learn about the proportion and sizes, choose foods carefully. So, these are simple and best ways to lose stomach fat.


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