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Monday, 31 December 2012

The Major Causes Of Snoring During Night

The root causes of snoring

There are a number of reasons behind snoring, but are the two major reasons:

1.Lifestyle reasons


1.Lifestyle factors

The root causes of snoring   There are a number of reasons behind snoring, but are the two major reasons

1. A blocked nose, caused by congestion, runny nose, nasal polyps or damage to the nose.

2. Being in menopause is associated with snoring.

3. Being older - the muscular tone reduces as you get older, which increases the risk of snoring.

4. A law lower back, causing an overbite.

5. Have a larger uvula or enlargement of the tonsils.

6. Being a man.

7. Contain low levels of thyroid hormone.

Factors 2.Physical.

1. If you are suffering from allergies you might have a blockage, runny noses and itching of the nose. The nose lining and the throat can too be swollen. This can be interfering with sleep and to make snoring more likely.

2. Alcohol causes your muscles to relax longer than usual while sleeping an ordinary night, so they are more prone to snoring. It also irritates the nasal mucosa, which can cause your breathing more difficult.

3. Sedatives, like alcohol, cause your body muscles relax more than normal, causing snoring. If you are concerned on how to a sedative is affecting your sleep, speak with your doctor about these. There can be alternatives non-sedating. Do not stop taking prescription drugs without first consulting your physician.

4. Smoking cigarettes causes swelling inflammation and irritation of the nose and throat, making snoring is more likely. Though passive smoking can make snoring worse.
5. If you are obese it is more prone to snoring. It is thought that this is because of the excess grease around your cervical. This causes the airways likely to collapse.


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