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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Can Vitamin C Cure and Kills Cancer Cells?

Can High dosages of vitamin C kill cancer cells?

The utilization of vitamin C in alternative cancer treatment is not new. Supporters contend that large doses of vitamin C are poisonous to cancerous cells. But there are no credible evidence gathered in studies in humans support of this theory.
Can High dosages of vitamin C kill cancer cells?

Studies carried out in the 1970s was first suggested by that large doses of vitamin C might be beneficial in treating cancer. But those studies were found later to have major shortcomings. Newer well designed, randomized controlled trials of vitamin C and cancer failed to find benefit from such treatment.

Most recent, vitamin C intravenously (IV) has been touted to having different impact than vitamin C orally. This has resulted in a revitalized interest in the use of IV vitamin C as a anticancer therapy. But not yet exist evidence that the vitamin C has no impact on cancer. Until clinical trials are completed, it is premature to determine what role, whether any, IV vitamin C could play in treating cancer.


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